Alessi Construction - Would you like a side of Mold with that contractor?

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Update by user Apr 18, 2013

I do know that Alessi was arrested by the FBI in August of 2012. Please beware.

Update by user Feb 17, 2012

I\'d like to clarify that by \"probation\" I am referring to his status with the Louisiana Contractor\'s Board, not to any criminal forms of the term. I have no clue as to any criminal history, only his business history.

Original review posted by user Feb 17, 2012

I hired Alessi Construction (and signed a contract totaling $38,900) for a kitchen remodel as well as flooring and the removal of some load bearing walls. He installed the wood floors without performing the required moisture readings which led to the sub-floor not being prepared properly resulting in a total floor failure encompassing 1,000 sq.ft. Mold was also discovered under the entire area.

He also removed a load bearing wall and installed a glue-lam beam that was not sufficient to withstand the weight resulting in major structural compromise.

The cost to repair the damages exceeds the original contract amount and he has blamed everything but himself for what has happened. We have had to hire various engineers and mold companies and have all the documentation and reports to back up the allegations. Yet, he still will not accept responsibility.

He was found guilty by the Louisiana Contractors board this past month and also plead guilty to a separate hearing back in 2006 for an incident unrelated to ours. Currently, he is on probation.

I hope I can prevent at least one person from going through what we've been through.

We are still not back in our house.

Review about: Kitchen Remodeling.



I hope this guy is still in the nuthouse after trying to high jack a commercial jet. Actually I wish he would have gone to jail and had his *** poked.


thanks for the warning

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #701420

Is this the same Alessi Construction where the guy tried to hijack a jet a few weeks later?Is he still in construction?

Didn't he get fined by the Contracting board? Or maybe I have the wrong one. What is the best way to find a good honest contractor?

Does Angie's list really work?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #639082

If anyone would like to see the receipt and work order from Affordable Roofing, the company which installed the ridge vent on our house, please let me know. I would be glad to show you that we in no way attempted to install our own ridge vent.

Also, if personal attacks want to be thrown around then we are playing a whole new ball game. However, I am not as trashy as the Alessi family and refuse to play such immature games. All I can tell anyone who would ever remotely even consider hiring Andrew or Windy Alessi is to do a little research. Call the Louisiana Contractor's board and request information about him. They will mail you transcripts, recordings, pictures, etc from hearings that Alessi was found guilty in. And it's all free!!

Two weeks before our court date, Andrew Alessi tried to hi-jack a commercial airliner jet. Yes, that's right. He was taken into custody by the FBI. Alessi also had stolen a car from another poor homeowner who had trusted him and hired him as a contractor. Windy Alessi set up a donations page on FB so she could request donations since her husband was in jail and could no longer steal from people. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID. Do your research. I will be glad to provide any and all information from our house. Wonder if Alessi or "James" would be willing to do the same. Come on James show me some facts not just personal attacks.

What proof do you have about any single allegation you have made? Fired...

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This homeowner is a thief and was fired from Southern Pipe.Call them they will be glad to give out the information.

Also, 6 weeks after lawsuit was filed the step-father passed away and you tell me Karma isn't real. Everyone in town knew about the unfaithfulness of the wife of which is butch. Contractors stay away from them!! First and foremost what's most amusing is this dude installed his own ridge vent after the roofing company forgot to install one and there was no way for moisture to get out.

It's Ashame this contractor had to suffer from this. Andrew was a great guy and was great at what he did. Unfortunately this world is full of all kinds and this guy happened upon a few of them.

Karma is amazing- oh and he is in investments now.Beware to those who invest in this thief.


In lieu of some recent events, I now express extreme caution when hiring Alessi Construction for any reason.Do a google search and check out potential problems or complaints that he may have against him.

The damage he caused our house has financially drowned us and instead of being a Man and repairing the extensive problems he had caused, he ran with the what little of our money we had left. His true character was finally revealed.

Running away from your problems may seem like an easy out but eventually they will catch up with you.Sometimes there's not an easy way out and I think he may come to that realization very soon.


Additionally, I will not continue to use Dans solid surface's name when I receive notice from an attorney that it is illegal to do so. Of course, that would require a response, any response, from Alessi Construction's attorney


I will put any information that pertains to Alessi Construction as well as any information that has been provided to me from various subcontractors in an effort to warn people about Alessi Construction and that in addition to poor workmanship, they DO NOT pay their subs.I do have an invoice from Dan's solid surfaces stating the lack of payment from Alessi construction and would be more than happy to share with anyone who would like to see it.

I would also love to share the transcripts from the multiple cases against Alessi construction from the Louisiana Contractors Board. Sorry Dan, I know you are related to Alessi but that is no excuse to *** ot anyone else over. You have already provided us with the information and proof that you were not paid by Alessi. In fact, the only change in countertops is that we downgraded from granite to corian.

We should have been paying less, not more!! Not sure why I'm even explaining this much. Alessi Construction, a.k.a. "john" is probably writing that post as Dan.

That's the kind of people they are. I will continue to use Dans Solid surfaces not only as proof in our lawsuit but also in any and all reviews I write regarding Alessi Construction. I am not lieing or telling false information therefore I will continue to spread the truth. In fact, not only do I have the unpaid invoices provided from Dans solid surfaces but I also have the recorded phone conversations.

Like I said, time is coming for Alessi...

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Please leave the company name out of your comments.The amount I was paid was the amount in your contract.

You did not pay Alessi Construction for the change order in counter tops.

Do not put Dan's Solid surfaces on any of these comments again.Thanks


That's funny "John" all of our neighbors have come over on various occasions and told us that they wish they would have warned us about Alessi and his skill or lack thereof. We'd be happy to show you around so that you could see exactly how "great" of a job Alessi did. You are correct about the moisture problem. That is of course, if your definition of moisture is rain coming in from your roof where there was a partial collapse because Alessi grossly undersized the beam he used when removing a load bearing wall. Unfortunately, we could not afford to have the house completely repaired because Alessi took our money and left our house in a terrible state. The "new" contractor was a gracious man who was donating his time and drastically reducing all the materials. However, the damage from Alessi was too great to correct without a substantial amount of money that we just don't have.

"John" how about you ask Alessi about the countertops we paid him for in which he never paid the subcontractor for. Yes, that's right. We gave him the money and he ran with it. Luckily, I spoke to the owner of the company from Dan's Solid Surfaces and he said he would not put a lien on our house as a result of Alessi's theft. He also said he would not be doing anymore business with him because this isn't the first time it's happened.

"John" why don't you ask Alessi about the first home he destroyed and was found guilty of by the Louisiana Contractor's Board? Or ask him...

"John" why don't you ask Alessi why he or his attorney are not responding to our lawsuit against him? He's had to switch lawyer's because his first one wouuldn't represent him. Hmmm...makes you wonder. The second attorney has ignored our requests to discovery so much that they completely missed a court mandated scheduling conference yesterday. Ironic "John" that you are reading this today. That's ok though, the next motion through the court will leave them no option but to respond. Just my opinion, but if they did nothing wrong then there should be nothing to hide, right? I'd be scared too if I were Alessi because the various engineer reports we have are going to be hard for them to defend. Time to pay the piper.

"John" when you stop by for a visit, I'll show you the contract which states no change orders as well as show you that there was no extra work done. I'll even show you the cancelled checks to Alessi for $38,900. Anytime you want to come by.

Oh, and the refrigerator was paid off on a monthly note of $80 per month. When you stop by for a visit I'll show you that bill also and that it was finally paid in full last month.

The only point you have proved is that you too, have been deceived by Alessi. That's o.k. He got us too!

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I'm a neighbor and witnessed this job.It's ashame I just came across this because I would have posted long ago.

Alessi construction did an excellent Job on this dilapidated home. These customers ordered an expensive refrigerator before paying for all the changes they added. It's now been almost 2 years later and the home has moisture all in it again after the new contractor did work. It's now full of moisture and Alessi had nothing to do with it.

This proves my point.You should always pay your contractor when you add the work.

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